I began hunting five years ago when I met my husband.

    I had never shot a gun before meeting him.  The first time he brought me hunting I loved it.  Since then I have harvested several whitetail, exotics, javelina and others.  I began bow hunting last season and really found my passion.

    I want to encourage women to hunt with your husbands.  Hunting with my husband has been a wonderful bonding experience.  Our daughters are now also hunting and gives great family adventures!  I hunted with my dad for the first time two years ago and it's a memory I will never forget.  I want to be an advocate for women hunting.  Husbands bring your wives hunting!  Daddys bring your kids hunting!  

    Women also like to look "cute" when they hunt.  

I have a clothing line designed specifically for women.  

I have designed some shirts based on our favorite team colors.  

Happy Hunting and Shopping!



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